November 4, 2002

Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is Richard and Iím a very loyal client of Barry Cohenís because he is the best Accountant / CPA I have had the pleasure meeting. I will keep this short.
In 1997 I was so far behind in my taxes I thought the IRS would put me in jail because I owed $25,000.00+ in taxes and I failed to file my taxes for several years. Believe me I was scared. An acquaintance of Barryís & mine told me I should meet with Barry to see what he could do for me so I did reluctantly. I was worried also that if I hired an accountant it would put a red flag on my file and then for sure the IRS would find me and put me in jail but I new I had to fix these issues. Not only did Barry keep me out of jail but he negotiated the amount I owed to the IRS to only $1,200.00 on top of that I didnít have to come up with the entire amount at once, he worked out a payment schedule for me of only $100.00 per month for one year. If it wasnít for Barry, I know I would be in a world of trouble!

I have hired Barry every year since then and he has saved me thousands and I know he can do the same for you.

It would be to your best interest to give Barry a call at 248-737-4300.

Feel free to call me for a reference 248-680-7411.

Richard Rude